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An apology

girl writes a letter

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I speak of the unintended separation.

The void consuming every little trace of happiness left.

Grieving the hollow self,

Of elation, mirth and hope bereft.


Surrounded by intelligent machines,

I somehow forgot the human within.

Denied myself the joie-de-vivere

and myriad of emotions you taught me to gloat in.


Staring into blank sheets all night,

drowning in nostalgia and dreadful emptiness.

I would feel like bleeding out on the paper

and pour all I felt, enveloped in the harrowing darkness.


No doubt the sheets remained empty

reminding me it was half a year back I casually brushed off

the fact that I was fine with getting the sensuality we shared

from my pristine heart being forever stripped off.


I would trade my soul for the good old days,

when we would so effortlessly ignore the world.

Spending hours in the lap of nature, entangled with each other,

watching closely as the magic unfurled.


It was a delusion that I could survive

sans the guiltless pleasures you brought.

None to be blamed but my ignorant self,

for even conceding the idiotic thought.


Now I know you are a fragile little thing,

that demands fierce love, madness and obsession.

I promise to feed you even if I’m starving.

and even when I’m sick, I would nurse you with caution.


I’ve watched my heart shatter into countless pieces

and now that I’ve picked each one of them

I place them in your caring hands

hoping you would rescue it from the mayhem.


Dying countless deaths in a single day,

trying to fit in with humans, which will forever remain a fallacy

I officially declare that I can’t live without you,

Oh beloved, Poetry!


The Da Vinci Code

Today I’m going to share a secret to attain happiness and a certain sense of satisfaction for the fellow insatiable readers. If you are addicted to books and no matter how many new ones you taste the craving doesn’t go away, try something old. Something that once swept you off your feet. Constantly  torn between whether to watch cartoons or read something substantial, I somehow ended up doing the prior for days on end. I’ve gone through writers block countless times but never knew readers block could happen too. Just like visiting old friends gives you solace, rereading books you once admired brings you unmatchable warmth and comfort.

So, now that I’ve developed a taste for thrillers I decided to revisit my old friend ‘The Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown. It’s been years since I read it and watched the movie. It is a good thing that I didn’t have a blog then, for I’ll get to review it now. Most of you must be aware of the controversies that have followed the publication of this work, and since I respect the opinion of other readers, I expect the same in return. Don’t get carried away by your religious beliefs and devotion whatsoever. Remember that it is only a work of fiction and is expected to be read with an open mind.


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While many people have rebuked it saying that it poses a threat to Christianity, I believe that it is nothing but a gripping work of fiction. And the credit goes to the author for artistically blurring the line between fiction and reality. Being in the best sellers list for so long and also having a blockbuster movie made after it, I feel that the open minded people outnumber the conservative mass who are blinded towards anything but religion.


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If you choose to read it, you’ll probably agree to the fact that it is a compelling page turner. I won’t deny that I found it a bit cheesy at times, but apart from a few turn-offs it is a good read. It is not a complex work that would set your intellectual faculties on test, but a simple enough story of adventure which you can effortlessly breeze past without being disappointed. One can recommend it to any age group, that is perhaps the beauty of it.

I’m glad that I had picked it up when I was a teen and this one being the first I read of its kind I instantly fell in love with it. The story is fast paced and can be summarized as a race between two parties( good and the evil) to reach a secret that has been guarded by a sacred society since ancient times. The protagonists are Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu. Robert is a Harvard professor who is on a visit to Paris on business, and is urgently summoned for the investigation of the mysterious murder of an elderly curator of the Louvre at the middle of a night. Sophie Neveu is a cryptologist who comes to the rescue and together they solve bizarre riddles while fleeing from the police as well as the other party. Knowing that all the guardians of a secret society have been mysteriously murdered, will they be able to retrieve the explosive truth generations have protected and passed on? Or will the truth be lost forever?

Go on. Find out.

Digital Fortress


Looking for an intellectual work of fiction to titillate your brain? Well, here is the answer. Reading this gripping thriller felt so much like watching a blockbuster movie. It is a page turner and will keep you glued to it until you find out what Mr. Brown has decided to be the ultimate fate of the story. Needless to speak of the matchless ability of the author to send your heart racing and quickening your pulses he has lived up to the sky high expectations as of me and millions of other readers. The Da Vinci Code made me fall in love with his work and each of those which follow make me admire him more and more.
I think he deserves the title of Master of intellectual thrillers. If you are bored of reading feel-good fiction (most of whose endings are predictable) I’ll suggest you go get a taste of thrillers. Just like a lioness becomes an unstoppable predator after blood touches her tongue, I bet you can’t stop after getting a taste of The Da Vinci Code or the other intriguing works of the author.
It’s probably going to drive me crazy if I don’t add spoilers and comment on the characters. Still I leave the story for you to uncover. Umm, there is no harm in giving a summary right? No spoilers ahead. Just an outline, I promise.
The book sounds promising for cryptography enthusiasts. Not that it is a manual of tricks for solving crypto problems, it is the story of an undefeatable and matchless code-breaking machine called the TRANSLTR. Resting in the den of National Security Agency, the beast that had the impression of being invincible, is caught dead by a mysterious code.
I love the stories where a woman is the hero. Susan Fletcher is no less than a hero for fighting to save her country, herself and the love of her life all at the same time. Constrained by time, Miss Fletcher and her love David race against the odds, miles apart from each other for serving to the bigger purpose of national security. Will they accomplish the mission? Will they ever get to see each other again? In the chaos of power, lies, intelligence and rivalry, will love survive? Go on. Find out 😉 

And yeah, I’m finally trying my hand at photography. Don’t hesitate to drop feedback and suggestions if any.

Road to Success


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My dad once told me on a fine summer day

that for excellence and prosperity there exists no easy way.

You have to take up the road less trailed

for through the worst of storms have the stupendous ships often sailed.

No doubt it would be quite intimidating at first

but definitely worth an attempt to quench that earnest thirst.

The thirst to attain excellence in your field of work,

removing from your life every minute trace of murk.

It’s time you pick those magic seeds of willpower and sow,

and as you water them each day, watch how into your dreams they grow.

While you are wandering if walking that extra mile counts,

you have no idea what crucial share in your success it amounts.

So tie your shoelaces tight and pull up your socks,

for moving majestic mountains you must start with the rocks.



Free me from the spell that binds me,

restricting me from enlightening my soul with knowledge and wisdom

for my soul craves to learn.

Free me from the chains that restrict me from exploring the world

for my eyes pine to devour the beauty of nature

created by the sovereign hands.

Free me from the razor-sharp handcuffs digging austerely into my flesh

restraining the graceful movements of my arms

keeping them from reshaping the world.

Free me from the sacred laws that claim to keep me dignified

but themselves keep corrupting me from within

killing me mysteriously like slow poison.

Free me, free me, free me

I beg of you,

my demons,



Chirping like sprightly young birds, excitement forever lingering around

Limitless hope and elation reflecting in our sparkling eyes,

Testing the limits of our promising wings we flew far and wide,

Until bliss we had finally found.

Over stretched wilderness we flew

Over mighty mountains we soared

Scaling heights that we not before knew

Had so many golden memories to offer.

We had everything that two birds could dream of.

Freedom, wings and each other.

I considered myself the luckiest bird that was ever born

However little had I known that those halcyon days were not to last forever.

One unfortunate sunny day

As we were gliding over the brook,

Appreciating our reflections on the sapphire blue water

Unaware that you were aimed upon by the hunter ready to shoot.

Haunting memories of your broken wings and screams to my present reconnaissance claims

Despite what your lingering dead spirit says

While I drop a tear on your somber remains

I bid farewell to the memories of those halcyon days.

Demise of the Missile Man

India’s 11th President Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam(83) passed away on Monday evening, July 27, 2015 at a hospital in Meghalaya, where he had gone to deliver a lecture. We will forever mourn the loss of this intellectual widely known as The People’s President.


We mourn the loss of this rare gem of our country, former president Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, but his ideals will forever remain engraved deep within our hearts. He lived a life of purpose and honor and his efforts for making the youth worldwide realize their potential was no doubt commendable. He has flown to the land of eternity but I hope we will always keep him alive within ourselves by walking on the path he showed us. Let us give him condolence by promising him that we will honestly do our parts in creating the nation he dreamed of. May his soul rest in peace.


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Snatch away from me all my relations,

leave me lonesome like a desert flower.

But I live not in vain.

Despite my seclusion I will bloom.

Through my loneliness I will smile!

Rebuke me with sword like words

piercing through my flesh creating a thousand fresh cuts.

Scarring my soul with your ugly remarks,

mark me with your hatred and wrath.

Through my relentless pain, I will smile!

Write against me and spread it like fire.

Defame me in the worst ways possible.

Snatch away from me my dignity, reputation and pride.

Even if not a single soul stands by my side

I will fight the battle on my own.

Through my hardships, I will smile!

Crush my emotions,

trample my heart.

Drain me of all human sentiments.

Push me into the darkness of the dungeon with everlasting grief and pain.

I will be my own glow worm.

Through my resentment, I will smile!

Burn me down.

Scrape out from me every bit of life.

But, like a phoenix I will rise from my ashes.

Through my revulsion, I will smile!

Try to erase my very existence.

Drown me in the sea of stern agony.

But, like a feather I will float to the surface.

Devoid alike of love and care

I will smile through it all.

I will survive!

Happiness :)

Rested on piles of pillows..wrapped in a blanket..sipping hot coffee from your favorite coffee mug..headphones pouring heavenly music to your ears..reading a book you wanted to read since long. For me THIS is bliss!!

“For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed…”~ Kahlil Gibran

The Path That Leads To Our Authentic Selves!

I’m talking of the quest for the answers we all are seeking about our existence. We keep searching for the answers at every single place that gives us hope even as small as a mustard seed. They maybe a famous priest, a best-seller book, or even your grand or great-grand parents who claim that they have unfolded the purpose of their existences and know the secrets for a happy and serene life. We keep searching for answers outside, and in most cases even a life-time falls short and the body expires, while the soul embarks upon the journey to start another cycle of life with a new identity. But we never try to have a glance at our inner world, which indeed is a treasure trove of wisdom, which has answers for each and every question our vulnerable heart and mind keep pondering about.
The sole purpose of human life is to discover who we truly are, what all things we are capable of and most importantly to distinguish between our outer and inner world. Whatever happens in the outer world is what decides our knowledge, duties, responsibilities, expectations and of course the so called “impression”. Which in turn give us momentary pleasure or pain. However the more important aspects of our life like happiness and contentment can only be achieved in our inner world, the world that our soul belongs to. We are often mistaken when we think that we are our body. Whatever activities we indulge in are intended to give comfort and pleasure to our frame.

Speaking of the majority, we spend the first phase of our life in getting an employment that ensures financial security, the second phase in settling with a life-long companion to ensure emotional security, the third phase of our life building up a foundation for the new souls we introduce to the world and the fourth phase in religious practices to ensure easy landing in God’s land. We have all forgotten that the materialistic life is just an illusion. People are so much busy creating these securities for themselves that they have forgotten the joys of simple living and high thinking, the joys of peace, the joys of spirituality. Why is everyone running after security? Why is fear lurking in every nook and corner of the world?

Wearing attractive clothes, eating food that our taste-buds relish, achieving power and position. These are not the things we should be running after. This is not what our priority should be. Our priority should be feeding our soul. The healthier our soul is the happier we are. Our thoughts need not be directed to our outer world. We have to show them the path that leads to our inner self. We are not our body. We are pure souls. Innocent, fearless and loving. Happiness is our nature. We need not put extra efforts, be it big or small to be happy. Our happiness does not depend upon the situations we encounter in the outer world. Discover your own self. You and your body are two different things. It is YOU who decides whether you are happy and contented, whereas it is your body which decides who you are for the outer world. Your personality, duties, responsibilities, relationships, these things help the outer world create an impression of you and measure the worth of your life by scaling your position. However, how contented you are with your life is what you and your heart decide. Once we lay our foot on the path that leads to success we often forget about the path that takes us to our inner world. But there is a secret I would like to share. You can take up both the journeys if you are strongly willing and determined. One does not need two births to master both inner and outer worlds. The only thing you have to learn is making happiness and contentment your nature.

Be happy no matter what. Meditate regularly to rejuvenate your spirit. Work in the outer world using the energy and happiness you derive from your inner world. Let me again remind you, you need not choose a work that ensures financial security. We all have been born with a purpose. Find that purpose. Find something that can guarantee that you will always feel productive, efficient and happy doing that work at any point in your life. Ensure that the work you are doing is helping make the world a better place. Never run after the benefits that the job will be offering, rather think whether you are offering something beneficial to others. Lead a simple life. Forget about the external pleasures for your body is not to live forever. Keep feeding your soul for it is immortal!