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Take good care of your mind, body and spirit :)

YOGA- For a Forever Young Mind, Body and Spirit!


As they say Prevention is better than cure. Creating healthy habits in your 20s not only helps you feel responsible for the state of your mind and body but also flushes you with ample confidence. Needless to say that yoga tops the chart when it comes to healthy habits for a stress-free life. Whatever activities we indulge in, whatever thoughts and emotions we generate are indirectly shaping our future life. For we are like wet clay now, capable to be shaped as per our predilection. So go ahead and shape your life until it is too late and you are no more a flexible puddle of clay, rather a misshaped piece of pottery. 20 years down the line if you want to see yourself young, vibrant, intellectually sound and doing great in both your work place as well as your personal life you better start investing for that future you so desire.

In today’s scenario almost every other person you meet is a potential competitor and is working in one’s own way to meet personal goals and society’s expectations. Every person’s training starts in one’s domain ever since childhood. Acquiring skills and abilities in a particular field is no big deal. Every single person is doing just that. So instead of picking up the topic discussing the keys to success and achievements I decided to write about a more important issue-“mental and physical health”.

Busy in the hustle-bustle of city life people usually learn to live without the pleasures of brisk walks along dense tree-lines, sea-shores, lush green grass and even barefoot walk on damp earth. With this they are not only missing out on the little joys that life offers, but also they are killing the essence of human life by training themselves to act more and more like machines as time passes by. It is the screaming need of the hour to reconnect with the human inside you. You need to start nourishing your starving soul. You are not here to merely survive, but to take charge and mold your life the way you want.

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Yoga is the most effective physical and mental exercise that would help you regain control over your life. The regular practitioners of yoga must be well aware of the fact that it slowly makes all small and big woes of life disappear. Like no back-aches or sore limbs even after working continuously for 12 hours, no dizziness, no more common cold or fever, no headaches and so on. In short, it keeps you maintain the body and mind of a child. Forever young, overflowing with energy and enthusiasm. Yoga includes asana, pranayama, meditation and chanting along with the physical exercises. These activities together ensure that a person stays sound in all aspects. The body, mind and spirit are given equal emphasis. And the overall results are reflected in the conduct of the yoga practitioner after a couple of months itself.

Overcoming stress, mental disorders, heart diseases, chronic colds, diabetes, emotional imbalance and numerous other health issues sucks all the joys of one’s life. Human mind and body are no doubt the best creations so far and they do not cease to surprise the world with the infinite possibilities they can stretch themselves to, far and wide. Human mind and body are to be celebrated. To be used as means to achieve heights and fulfill the purpose of our gifted lives.

Yoga helps a person in numerous ways. Starting from building up your muscle power, strength of bones, maintaining a healthy heart-rate, improving eye-sight, lowering blood-sugar, dropping blood-pressure etc it also helps a person win over ones addictions. A regular practitioner of yoga would never feel the need of external sources to get your mind off the stress or emotional distress. Drowning yourself in alcohol and pumping smoke and tar into your lungs would no more seem as an option you would undertake in case the ride goes rough. Life, the roller-coaster ride that it is, would keep adding twists and turns your way, occasionally adorned with speed barkers and surprisingly sharp highs and lows. But to enjoy the ride you need to keep your mind and body fit. And for fitness you need the healing magic of yoga. So do not delay it further and embrace yoga. Embrace good health. Embrace life 🙂


Conversations With God-1

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I wanted to start the new year doing something worthwhile. And picking this book on January 1st was no doubt the best decision I could have made.For I not only got a practical idea about how to make the best out of my life but also the key to happiness. I was somehow drawn to this particular book in the shelf, as if there was some hidden force that impelled me to read it in a single sitting. Believe me I could not put it down. Not that I wanted to, but it somehow magnetized me and would not let go.

The quest for the answers to a certain set of questions that I kept pondering over endlessly can finally get to rest. Now that I have the answers right on my palms in the face of this book ‘Conversations With God’ written by Neale Donald Walsch.

Like many of the other readers of this book I too am not sure whether God actually interacted with the author to give birth to this uncommon dialogue. However I am pretty sure that the source of this book is not spurious. And even if it is, should that concern us? Ask yourselves -is that going to bring any difference? I don’t think so. All I know is I have in my hands a manual that is going to help me lead my life in a lot better way than before. And believe me when I say that I have already started experiencing the results. Results that are astounding. Results that seemed impossible before. So instead of counting it among the counterfeit I suggest the readers to not judge this extraordinary book and simply try to absorb its teachings. Those if implemented with honesty may guarantee you a truly fulfilling and never complaining life.

Surprisingly I find myself beaming with energy all the time. I see myself accepting things as they are and trying to make whatever possible changes I can do at my own level to make things better. I no more blame God for  the adverse situations and circumstances. I no more punish myself by straying away from things that give me joy( denial we have said to ourselves is goodness, but it is not). I no more stick to the stereotypical rules for ensuring happiness and success in life, for they didn’t work. And the new ways discussed in this book are so much practical and believe me they work magnificently.

I am so much overwhelmed by the tremendous results brought upon me by this book that I can not keep myself from writing my review on this beautifully woven masterpiece.

When asked by the author “How does God talk, and to whom?” the answer he received was- “I talk to everyone. All the time. The question is not to whom do I talk, but who listens?”  God communicates to all of us in his own way. But so preoccupied we are with our everyday trifling issues that we fail to become worthy receptors for the messages he keeps transmitting our way.

This book is literally an attempt by God to spoon feed wisdom to the people on earth. I consider myself too fortunate and gifted to have this book find me in the right time, at the right place. I am still a student and everyday I keep adding to my knowledge and skills via the faculties of our college and the materials available in the library. And the lessons provided in this book seem no different. They are as practical and useful as studying engineering is. The only difference is that here the faculty is God and the subject is Mastering in Life Skills 🙂

God says that even the so called leaders, ministers, rabbis, priests,  many of the books, even the Bible, Gita, Qu’ran and other sacred religious texts are not authoritative sources. Listen to YOUR FEELINGS. Do not accept what the crowd is following. Accept that which your heart complies. Do what you feel is right. There is no rule book that states what is right and what is wrong in God’s eyes. There are no restrictions on what you should do, think or feel. All that counts is the answer to the question- whether the act is Godly. That is whether it involves the highest, the clearest, the grandest thought and feeling on your part. In God’s own words “The highest thought is always that thought which contains joy. The clearest words are those words which contain truth. The grandest feeling is that feeling which you call love.”

God says that we are the creators of our own lives. Whatever happens is in accordance to what we think and feel. God is merely the observer who occasionally assists us in building up and experiencing our lives. The creator is US. Not the other way round. This illusion has being ruling our minds since centuries that God is the creator of our lives and everything that is to happen in our life has already been written beforehand, which we have no power to alter. Absolute nonsense. If you think that God is the decider of your life, you are hugely mistaken. We create our lives through the power that he has given us. Over time we have created the image of God as revengeful, judgmental and cruel. We fear God for we have been taught this ever since our childhood that God is supposed to be feared, to be bowed before, to be pleased through superficial materialistic things, to be prayed as frequently as possible. Speaking from my personal experience ever since I learned talking I was made to memorize a number of Sanskrit shlokas and mantras whose meaning I was not aware of then, and am very sure that my parents and grandparents who taught me those must not be knowing the exact meanings of all the words they made me memorize painstakingly. As I kept growing I was made to memorize longer versions of these prayers which I was supposed to chant two times a day during the everyday Hindu ritual known as Puja performed before sunrise and sunset respectively. Even though these are traditional ways of pleasing God( not just one  but all the forms of God; with different ways for pleasing respective forms of the almighty)  we must reflect upon it at least once before blindly continuing our age old customs. Through Neale God has very clearly mentioned that he does not want to be prayed and pleased. What he wants from us is to create our lives in such grand way that even he gets to applaud on our creative, loving and thoughtful performance. God is no doubt a creative being( the result is this vast and unrealistically beautiful universe) and we being his pupils must follow his lead and create our lives in such a beautiful and uncommon way that he feels that yes, his children have inherited some of the qualities of their creator.

We must not live under the constant fear of doing something wrong and ending up in hell, for God says that HELL does not exist. It is the creation of our overly active imagination. Hence we must not fear doing something that God would consider Paap and would ultimately condemn us to hell. For there can be no parent so ruthless as to subject ones own offspring to a plight so terrible and inhumanely.

One more important thing covered in this book is the concept that has been elaborately discussed in Rhonda Byrne’s book ‘The Secret’. The concept of power of attraction. Our soul is the sum total of every feeling we have ever created. In God’s words “The process of creation starts with thought-an idea, conception, visualization.” So keep your thought process on check. If you are thinking about negative things, feeling negative emotions like anger, distress, jealousy, anguish etc pause for a moment and reverse the thoughts or feelings. It may initially be tough but eventually you will get used to being optimistic and creating feelings only happy and comforting. The universe responds to your thoughts and feelings in a way so powerful that it almost seems unrealistic. If you keep saying to yourself that you hate your life and that you are no good, you will actually remain no good and the universe will make sure that you keep hating your life. This is how the law of attraction works. Keep feeling grateful for all that you have and you will be rewarded with abundance. You will be rewarded with all things pleasing and beautiful.

“Your thought about yourself is that you are not good enough, not wondrous enough, not sinless enough, to be part of God, in partnership with God. You have denied for so long Who you are that you have forgotten WHO YOU ARE.”

God says that we are his/her equal. For we possess the same powers that he has. We are the creators of our own lives.

After reading this book, and the other two volumes in the series I felt complete. I felt truly educated and ready to take on my life to its peak..slowly, smoothly. This book is a true masterpiece and I would recommend it to all the people I know, for I know that everyone is searching for these answers somewhere.