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“Death is not the greatest loss in life.

The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we are alive.”

-Norman Cousins

As I am getting older, I’ve started accepting the fact that at times we just need to let go. Let go of the wishful thinking, the emptiness, the self-inflicted pain and the habit of brooding over the things that we could never have. As the saying goes, ignorance is bliss. Having reached the point where life demands attention towards issues other than my personal interests, I realize that not everyone is born to merely live for themselves. Walking down the frequently trodden path of history, I see bliss on the faces of people. The people who became immortal, for they removed their focus from their immediate surroundings and lay it on the bigger picture. What is it that made these people eternal in the pages of history? Was it their love for self? NO. They are celebrated because they decided to live for others. They served a bigger purpose and that is what made them heroes.

No doubt we all have come across millions of stories of suicide. While reflecting over the reasons that led them to quit life, we find that even though most of the problems are grave, they are not the issues that could not have been solved or let go. Perhaps they needed to hear from someone else that life is way bigger than their problems. They should have let go. For no problem can possibly be serious enough to make you pay the price with your life.

Life is like a test paper, where not a single person in history has ever scored 100%. It is a test that you can never be too well prepared for. Where there will be mistakes, disappointments, failure, grief, physical pain, emotional pain and countless other kinds of pain, there would also be a silver lining. However, at times you may have to strain your eyes to see it. For there would also be surprises, success, happiness, beauty and magic.

Losing one’s family member at a tender age, struggling for expected academic excellence, being bullied by peers at school, toxic relationships, these are the most common losses that the young mass faces. However, measuring them on a scale would be unavailing. Since every individual has a different level of sensitivity and maturity. The good news is that with time, the puzzle starts solving itself. So, what changes with time? The situations or our reactions? It is the later. No teacher is finer or supreme than EXPERIENCE. The loss that inflicted tremendous pain a couple of years back, may make you even laugh now. For you will realize that it was not worth all the fretting and crying. That is another beautiful aspect of life. As you get to witness higher problems faced by the humanity, you would feel ashamed of breaking down for petty reasons. With age, comes wisdom.

Embrace whatever comes your way. Life is a challenge. Accept it with pride and live a remarkable life. It is all about experiencing, creating, sharing and serving your purpose for the benefit of humanity. Never cease to believe in the supreme power.And no matter what losses you may have to endure, never let the human in you die.

Cheers to life!