The Da Vinci Code

Today I’m going to share a secret to attain happiness and a certain sense of satisfaction for the fellow insatiable readers. If you are addicted to books and no matter how many new ones you taste the craving doesn’t go away, try something old. Something that once swept you off your feet. Constantly  torn between whether to watch cartoons or read something substantial, I somehow ended up doing the prior for days on end. I’ve gone through writers block countless times but never knew readers block could happen too. Just like visiting old friends gives you solace, rereading books you once admired brings you unmatchable warmth and comfort.

So, now that I’ve developed a taste for thrillers I decided to revisit my old friend ‘The Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown. It’s been years since I read it and watched the movie. It is a good thing that I didn’t have a blog then, for I’ll get to review it now. Most of you must be aware of the controversies that have followed the publication of this work, and since I respect the opinion of other readers, I expect the same in return. Don’t get carried away by your religious beliefs and devotion whatsoever. Remember that it is only a work of fiction and is expected to be read with an open mind.


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While many people have rebuked it saying that it poses a threat to Christianity, I believe that it is nothing but a gripping work of fiction. And the credit goes to the author for artistically blurring the line between fiction and reality. Being in the best sellers list for so long and also having a blockbuster movie made after it, I feel that the open minded people outnumber the conservative mass who are blinded towards anything but religion.


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If you choose to read it, you’ll probably agree to the fact that it is a compelling page turner. I won’t deny that I found it a bit cheesy at times, but apart from a few turn-offs it is a good read. It is not a complex work that would set your intellectual faculties on test, but a simple enough story of adventure which you can effortlessly breeze past without being disappointed. One can recommend it to any age group, that is perhaps the beauty of it.

I’m glad that I had picked it up when I was a teen and this one being the first I read of its kind I instantly fell in love with it. The story is fast paced and can be summarized as a race between two parties( good and the evil) to reach a secret that has been guarded by a sacred society since ancient times. The protagonists are Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu. Robert is a Harvard professor who is on a visit to Paris on business, and is urgently summoned for the investigation of the mysterious murder of an elderly curator of the Louvre at the middle of a night. Sophie Neveu is a cryptologist who comes to the rescue and together they solve bizarre riddles while fleeing from the police as well as the other party. Knowing that all the guardians of a secret society have been mysteriously murdered, will they be able to retrieve the explosive truth generations have protected and passed on? Or will the truth be lost forever?

Go on. Find out.


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  1. Another good review, revisits are always great as they signify the amount of love for the book/author. ‘Watch cartoons or read something substantial’ was hilarious. Keep writing, we’ll keep reading.


  2. Very nice review and yes i totally agree with you…its just a work of fiction and should be read with an open mind. i have watched the movie three times and would like to watch more.

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  3. It happens to me….when I lose a connect with reading I pick up bridges of madison county and i never get tired of that book…again gain track to read 🙂 Nice tip there 🙂

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  4. I couldn’t agree less. It has been an always favorite and I think all greats works have been criticised before getting recognition. Great review though.


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