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The deceptive Poetess!


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A hopeless romanticist,

an illusionist,

a restless soul,

there she goes wandering along the banks of her utopian island,

followed by mischievous glow-worms dancing on her sublime thoughts .

She blows life into slumbering words

leaving behind footprints on the sands of time.

With a poker face she walks by your side,

her pursed lips deceiving you

of the loud cries of her racing thoughts

deafening her with the clattering of the restraining chains

that drag her like a trampled toy.

Damaged. Discarded.

Screaming and demanding to be set free,

her dreamy self strangles her with threads of extreme passion.

Lost in the silent battles with her own self,

she slowly learns to derive pleasure from the pain that clouds her qualms.

She dreams of snowstorms while the sun rays bathe her feet.

She fancies bloodbaths while staring blankly on the clouds so limpid.

Conjuring painful fantasies she bleeds on the lifeless sheets,

producing heart-wrenching tales and poesies.

She sheds bitter-sweet tears as she writes,

with deep solid strokes she paints the bloodless canvas

and brings it back to life.

She delights over her reader’s distress,

confusion, chaos and brainstorms that shake the naive souls.

Slaughtering her own chastity into pieces,

she dies a thousand painful deaths in her reveries.

But her heart only beats more fiercely as time flies

and makes her feel astonishingly

oh so alive!


Tough Love!

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It fills me with ruth and empathy

as you continue to mark my body with cuts and burns,

delighting over my forsaken will to fight the hostility

sucking away even the last few droplets of hope and elation.

I willingly embrace all your tortures and afflictions

for I am engraving my pictures in your mind

like scars of the battle-wounds that never heal

erasing the fortuity of you getting away from me.

I wouldn’t  threaten to kill you at once

for there would be no pain or penance.

What I want for you is a slow and painful death

that you will face each day until you get tired and decide to strangle yourself.

For I’ve heard that memories are the best slow poisons

that guarantee a prolonged suffering,

haunting you at places and times

making sure you get addicted to the anamnesis.


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Rising above the mayhem and chaos of the world

They outdistanced themselves as the world burnt down in ashes.

While the crowd below in distress whirled,

they laughed like devils witnessing the havoc they created with matches.

Stepping over the wreckage of caustic reality

they bounce up to the blue.

Floating over the clouds of smoke

they feel nothing but placid and true.

Sparkles in their scintillant eyes

flicker of the fire ignited within.

Taking them higher and higher,

letting the obsession get under their skin.

They fly high for they wish to see the top view of the world.

Burning everything they own as they near the stars.

When the fire flames higher like their proud flags unfurled

they finally thirst for the sapphire blue oceans to dip their burning carcass.

Feeding their cravings for sapor and high

they torment their souls brutally like a thrall.

And now that it can take no more

they brace themselves tight and allow their frame to free-fall.

Happy Birthday Mom :)


You were the first to listen to my heart beat,

You were the first to help me stand on my feet.

Your eyes were the first that beheld my sight.

Your caresses and kisses sprinkled magical dust that made me a baby so bright.

You were the first who warmed my shivering shell.

You were the first bouquet of fresh flowers I got to smell.

You were the first who calmed me when for no reason I yelled.

You were the first who consoled me whenever in life I failed.

You were the reason behind the achievements they applauded me for,

and you will be glad to know that you still remain the reason for all good that I tenure.

You were my first love and you will remain that forever.

I’ll take this time up to wish you all the happiness in the world and even more.

Happy Birthday Mom!

The Mirror Cracked From Side To Side: Book Review


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The mirror cracked from side to side is the first I read of Agatha Christie. Not being much of a mystery reader I was reading it with not much engrossment to be honest. However I was quite astonished as the novel was approaching its end. The plot is extremely compelling and the beauty of the language adds icing to the cake. The writer has done a brilliant work. As a reader I had never before felt so much involved. This murder mystery will allow you to freely have your own suspicions and act detective to the best of your faculties.

Knitted with the murder mystery plot are high dozes of love, obsession, heartbreak and scandals of the cinematic world. Miss Marple is the central character who solves the mystery skillfully by observing things from an angle which most of us would easily turn blind eye to. Half way through the book I was getting kind of impatient and confused. However it was worth the wait. When the mystery was finally enfolded in the end by none other than Miss Marple, that too in a way so well crafted and deviceful my heart leapt with joy.

Speaking of the characters that the plot revolves around, Marina Gregg is a famous and  temperamental movie star who throws a party at her new residence at Gossington Hall in St. Mary Mead, where the unfortunate incident takes place. One of her biggest fans of the locality Mrs Badcock dies in the party leaving no clues for the investigators. Almost everyone( the reader is no exception ) thinks that the poisoned drink had been intended to kill the celebrity Marina, but is mistakenly drowned by her guest fan leading to her spot death. But you will be astonished to find out what actually happened that glittery night. Christie has very well crafted the plot so as to confuse you by tying up the bunch of suspects with numerous strings, badly entangled. Enough to make you restless at points.

Seen with a frozen look while talking to Mrs Badcock in the party, Marina raises questions in the minds of the snoopers. It is a look that is compared to that of the Lady of Shalott, as though “doom has come upon her”. A poem of dear Lord Tennyson’s.

Quoting a few lines…

‘The mirror crack’d from side to side;

“The curse is come upon me”, cried

The Lady of Shalott.’

Now I know the reason behind the fame that is associated with Agatha Christie. Having not been able to surmise who actually could have been the murderer right to the end, I would say that the book has very well achieved its purpose. And now I guess I am soon gonna turn into a sucker of mysteries.  Murder mysteries have got to be mind-boggling. Go on readers. Find your own treats. I’m off to find some more for me 😉

The lullaby that put her to sleep


Seated over the majestic rocks scattered by the shore,

she  strains her ears to the musical voice of the  nonexistent significant other

fantasizing him singing about their love in ways galore,

 making promises that would set her dreaming forever and more.

Tired of chasing glee and troth

she lays her head on the uneven lap of the rock, thinking of her paramour.

Listening to the quixotic lullaby rocking her heart back and forth

she falls into a permanent slumber, putting into sleep her paroxysm and fervor.

Book Review: House of Windows


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“The body is a house of many windows. There we all sit, showing ourselves and crying on the passers-by to come and love us”.

                                                                                                         -Robert Leuis Stevension

The story revolves around a guy of fifteen ‘Nick’, who is exceptionally brilliant for his age. Proof you ask? Well this guy is 15. AND he goes to Cambridge University. I guess you don’t need further convincing that he actually is a genius. Let alone the fact that he absolutely hates being called a genius. All credits to his hard work he says.

I witnessed Nick’s character growing as I moved through each leaflet of this masterpiece. I could relate to him at a deep level. Applauds to Alaxia’s  exceptionally descriptive writing. I could feel every emotion that Nick felt. As he was introduced to his new life at Cambridge, so did challenges and troubles take root. Being an introvert and having experienced being a misfit during his school days, all hell broke loose when he tried to step out of his bubble. Socializing had never been easy for him. And now that he was constantly surrounded by folks well beyond his age, it became rather difficult. However things started to take a turn when he decided to cox for his rowing crew. This was his first bet in giving his social life a go. Being way below the drinking age and quite too serious regarding his performance and competition with his fellow mates, life to him was no picnic.

I was moved by the fact that this kid had to drown himself in work to keep his mind off thoughts that provoked his sentiments. All he needed was a little love. A little attention is all that was needed to help keep intact his innocence. Yet as the saying goes, one rarely gets what one needs the most; Nick could never experience what he craved for. His father’s attention. Unasked. Genuine and wholehearted. Not sympathy, but merely some attention. And speaking of luxuries, a bit of love perhaps!

Nick isn’t the only character that you will fall in love with in this book. All characters are uniquely beautiful in their own way. Tim is a PhD student who will draw your attention quite many a times. Not just Nick, but even I got attached to him as time went by. When there is no family to look after Nick, there shows up angel Tim. Wink. Other than him there is Nick’s very adorable Godfather, Professor Goswin and Tim’s good friend Ange.

Alaxia has done an excellent job with this book. Having actually attended the university herself, she has vividly narrated all incidents, magically adding more and more life into the book. This book breathes my friends. I was overwhelmed with emotions, yet surprisingly  I didn’t shed a tear throughout my read. There were times my heart skipped a few beats though. Like Nick’s car accident and the events that followed, Professor Goswin’s breakdown, the day of the results and a couple more.

This book will teach you that if you are different, don’t be weighed down by it. Don’t count yourself as a misfit, even if the whole world starts screaming it on top of their lungs. Life will throw challenges at you mercilessly at times, but then you just have to deal with it. For that’s what life is all about. Dealing with it.

Loved the read. If the book were a person I would cuddle it tight and show all my love. But since I can’t I’ll just recommend it to all my readers. Happy reading!