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Carte blanche for her life!


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The young princess was offered the cosmos at her feet

yet she gave up the comforts and riches for she had promises to keep.

The people called her imprudent and naive

yet her heart knew her reasons and backed her to strive.

The whispers from inside had been driving her wild

and those mind numbing chanting and echoes she could no longer hide.

No longer could she confine the growling beast inside

and to remain sane, her bed of roses she was fated to sacrifice.

Finally withdrawing herself to her own heart and soul

she listens to none other and sets her life free from the daily toll.

So one fine morning she breaks open the pearly gates of her royal castle

and lets her drooping soul bathed in the healing sunlight sparkle.

Beholding a serene and breathtakingly beautiful autumn scene

she forgets all fears that had been pulling her back within.

She runs through the lush green wild fields,

dives into the welcoming oceans deep.

Stealing kisses from the playful and mellow breeze

she gets drunk over the chimerical moonlight.

Walking over the rain soaked earth she lets its scent sink in,

running her fingers over the flowers she takes in memorable imprints.

She is often tempted by her so called royal friends

to go back to her life decked with jewels, gems and delicacies.

Meanwhile she feels her heart skip beats

and her fascination running wild.

And she goes on exploring the creation,

for she had promised herself Carte blanche for her life!