Every Rose Comes with Thorns!


picture credits- desktopwallpapers4.me

As the veil lifted off the earth their sight caught hold of a blooming rose bathed in mist. Its color the shade of red same as that of a martyr’s blood. Fierce. Warm. Ozzing pride and passion. A mere bunch of delicate petals, having the tenacity to take one’s breath away. Taking pride in its beauty and power the flower blooms to the awe of her spectators, daring them to question her splendor. For she says that if loved with a true heart she will devote her life to beautify the world of her admirer. And if she is threatened by someone burning in one’s own spleen, she will wait for the moment to laugh over his corpse, seated over it like a mighty queen!


About SK Rajeshwari

I am an incurable bibliophile, dreamer, writer, poet and connoisseur of all things beautiful. This blog 'My Cosmos' is my first love and nothing pleases me more than constructive feedback for my write-ups. My second love is books. I am an insatiable and roly-poly bookworm. Books teach me how to explore the world inside me and the ones that are outcomes of someone else's unadulterated imagination. What beautifies my existence is the endless walk I enjoy putting on those shoes of imagination. Step into my world, feel my poems and allow your wandering soul to be hypnotized by the fragrance of the captivating manifestations of my dreams, experiences and imagination. Allow this feeling to creep into your being and let your nerves speak the language of beauty and artistry. Bienvenido :)

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  1. splendid
    well paradox but its true
    “every rose comes with thorns”


  2. Lovely poem like rose 🙂 n
    It’s like the personification of a mother who protects her children from hurtful things…


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