Who Moved My Cheese?

picture credits- flipkart.com

picture credits- flipkart.com

Dr. Spencer Johnson’s ‘One Minute Manager’ was the book I had picked up a couple of months back merely because of its modest volume. The college library was to be closed in a couple of hours and I wanted something I could finish in one sitting. However when I closed the book and headed out of the library in the evening I had a strange smile etched on my face. The feeling returned after I finished ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’. The similar feeling of relaxation and contentment.

I sometimes wonder how the RIGHT books find their way to me at the right time. Crawling close to me at the hour when I need them the most. However small a book maybe I would never commit the mistake of judging its effectiveness. For it may be a blessing in disguise, a turning point of your life, a simple answer to the question that had been killing you from inside.

‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ is the book I’ll recommend to all my readers. There is probably not a single soul who walks on earth free from the evils of change. Yeah, the question in discussion is CHANGE. Different people react to change in different ways. Every person has his unique way of dealing with change, be it good or bad. A few people take a bit longer than the average time to get used to the after-effects of the change, whereas a few are quicker than the rest, while the other unfortunate few deny to even acknowledge change and keep going in their old way until they are forced to admit it.

This magical book talks about embracing the changes and keep going. CHANGE is an inevitable part of life and no matter how much you dislike it you will be entitled to it over and over again. So, the point is if we are going to encounter something again and again in life why not befriend it? Fearing change only makes it worse. What matters in not how bad the change is, but how are attitude is.

Here co-author of the multi-million best seller ‘One Minute Manager’ Dr. Spenser Johnson has written a very deceptively short story which once read would stay with a person till the last breath. It is a simple yet powerful story which if implemented in real life may turn one’s life around. The compacted version of the story is-The faster you accept change and move on in life, the better. Keep the currents moving, for still water stagnates. And we definitely don’t want our life to stink. Do we?

picture credits- slideshare.net

picture credits- slideshare.net


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  1. shraddhasikarwar7

    I read that book about two years back and its awesome truely !!
    i still remember the content.
    Go on dear explore more !!



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