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I am just a child!


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I wake up each day with the hope to live,

to play, to laugh and be a child.

But a sudden blow on my head pulls me back to reality,

an ugly overweight man dragging me by my arm,

calling me by spiteful names

trying his best to make me feel worthless and senile.

A burden on earth he calls me

and whips me every now and then

for he doesn’t want me to ever forget

that I don’t deserve a childhood

since my life was condemned by poverty and crippled parents.

With not just a starving body

but a starving and silently sobbing soul

I muster the courage to keep working

for I still am filled with HOPE.

They may beat me up as much as they want,

they may even try to starve me to death.

They may kick my heart will all their might,

crush my confidence and compliance.

They may threaten to torture my body in the worst ways possible

pumping fear into every nerve and blood-cell.

But what they can’t do is take away my hope

or take away my dreams,

or get into my head for stealing my positiveness

or my grit and dignity that I keep fueling each day.

My eyes may seem sunken for they have been crying,

my heart beats a bit faster for it is frenzied with the fear

of being ripped out any moment without prior warning.

My body is nothing but a skeleton

covered in a modest layer of skin,

feeding on hope and will-power

rather than the expensive nutrients and supplements

that the other kids are consuming.

Despite the dangerous working conditions I have no fear of death

for my life itself has shown me the worst things possible

grinding me to the apex of tolerance and sufferance.

My eyes might have adjusted themselves to the darkness,

but in my dreams I still bathe in light.

Despite whatever I am compelled to face each day,

I still imagine walking towards the end of a tunnel

where my life would be flooded suddenly with happiness and light.

All I can do is hope.

I can not fight with them for the childhood I deserve

for they would pin me down and muffle my screams

and I would not be able to protect myself,



YOGA- For a Forever Young Mind, Body and Spirit!


As they say Prevention is better than cure. Creating healthy habits in your 20s not only helps you feel responsible for the state of your mind and body but also flushes you with ample confidence. Needless to say that yoga tops the chart when it comes to healthy habits for a stress-free life. Whatever activities we indulge in, whatever thoughts and emotions we generate are indirectly shaping our future life. For we are like wet clay now, capable to be shaped as per our predilection. So go ahead and shape your life until it is too late and you are no more a flexible puddle of clay, rather a misshaped piece of pottery. 20 years down the line if you want to see yourself young, vibrant, intellectually sound and doing great in both your work place as well as your personal life you better start investing for that future you so desire.

In today’s scenario almost every other person you meet is a potential competitor and is working in one’s own way to meet personal goals and society’s expectations. Every person’s training starts in one’s domain ever since childhood. Acquiring skills and abilities in a particular field is no big deal. Every single person is doing just that. So instead of picking up the topic discussing the keys to success and achievements I decided to write about a more important issue-“mental and physical health”.

Busy in the hustle-bustle of city life people usually learn to live without the pleasures of brisk walks along dense tree-lines, sea-shores, lush green grass and even barefoot walk on damp earth. With this they are not only missing out on the little joys that life offers, but also they are killing the essence of human life by training themselves to act more and more like machines as time passes by. It is the screaming need of the hour to reconnect with the human inside you. You need to start nourishing your starving soul. You are not here to merely survive, but to take charge and mold your life the way you want.

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Yoga is the most effective physical and mental exercise that would help you regain control over your life. The regular practitioners of yoga must be well aware of the fact that it slowly makes all small and big woes of life disappear. Like no back-aches or sore limbs even after working continuously for 12 hours, no dizziness, no more common cold or fever, no headaches and so on. In short, it keeps you maintain the body and mind of a child. Forever young, overflowing with energy and enthusiasm. Yoga includes asana, pranayama, meditation and chanting along with the physical exercises. These activities together ensure that a person stays sound in all aspects. The body, mind and spirit are given equal emphasis. And the overall results are reflected in the conduct of the yoga practitioner after a couple of months itself.

Overcoming stress, mental disorders, heart diseases, chronic colds, diabetes, emotional imbalance and numerous other health issues sucks all the joys of one’s life. Human mind and body are no doubt the best creations so far and they do not cease to surprise the world with the infinite possibilities they can stretch themselves to, far and wide. Human mind and body are to be celebrated. To be used as means to achieve heights and fulfill the purpose of our gifted lives.

Yoga helps a person in numerous ways. Starting from building up your muscle power, strength of bones, maintaining a healthy heart-rate, improving eye-sight, lowering blood-sugar, dropping blood-pressure etc it also helps a person win over ones addictions. A regular practitioner of yoga would never feel the need of external sources to get your mind off the stress or emotional distress. Drowning yourself in alcohol and pumping smoke and tar into your lungs would no more seem as an option you would undertake in case the ride goes rough. Life, the roller-coaster ride that it is, would keep adding twists and turns your way, occasionally adorned with speed barkers and surprisingly sharp highs and lows. But to enjoy the ride you need to keep your mind and body fit. And for fitness you need the healing magic of yoga. So do not delay it further and embrace yoga. Embrace good health. Embrace life 🙂

Every Rose Comes with Thorns!


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As the veil lifted off the earth their sight caught hold of a blooming rose bathed in mist. Its color the shade of red same as that of a martyr’s blood. Fierce. Warm. Ozzing pride and passion. A mere bunch of delicate petals, having the tenacity to take one’s breath away. Taking pride in its beauty and power the flower blooms to the awe of her spectators, daring them to question her splendor. For she says that if loved with a true heart she will devote her life to beautify the world of her admirer. And if she is threatened by someone burning in one’s own spleen, she will wait for the moment to laugh over his corpse, seated over it like a mighty queen!

A Perfect Morning :)


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As I opened my eyes to the rain lashed streets right outside my balcony, the smell of damp earth pouring in, birds chirping with ecstasy, the breeze carrying some magic, some madness…I realized that there is so much to fall in love with…in a thousand different ways. Over and over again. There is so much to be grateful for. So much to write about. So much to be inspired from. A perfect morning 🙂

A Rational Disposition

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Wearing off all fancy emotions, hopes and fervent desires

that decoyed her fragile heart to factitious places,

she tries to fly higher as if in a trance

running towards the end of the rainbow

distancing herself from the malignant liers.

She reminds herself of all the disguised faces

faking goodwill and altruism,

corrupting themselves by devising atrocious plans

yet smartly hiding the junk behind their ribcage

wrapping their hearts with glittery laces.

Overcoming her feckless hopes and inept beliefs

she sheds the skin that had been barring the warmth of the sun.

Touched upon by the flare of the star above

her fainting heart marked with glee and delirium,

now sprightly and optimistic is all that she feels.



Who Moved My Cheese?

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Dr. Spencer Johnson’s ‘One Minute Manager’ was the book I had picked up a couple of months back merely because of its modest volume. The college library was to be closed in a couple of hours and I wanted something I could finish in one sitting. However when I closed the book and headed out of the library in the evening I had a strange smile etched on my face. The feeling returned after I finished ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’. The similar feeling of relaxation and contentment.

I sometimes wonder how the RIGHT books find their way to me at the right time. Crawling close to me at the hour when I need them the most. However small a book maybe I would never commit the mistake of judging its effectiveness. For it may be a blessing in disguise, a turning point of your life, a simple answer to the question that had been killing you from inside.

‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ is the book I’ll recommend to all my readers. There is probably not a single soul who walks on earth free from the evils of change. Yeah, the question in discussion is CHANGE. Different people react to change in different ways. Every person has his unique way of dealing with change, be it good or bad. A few people take a bit longer than the average time to get used to the after-effects of the change, whereas a few are quicker than the rest, while the other unfortunate few deny to even acknowledge change and keep going in their old way until they are forced to admit it.

This magical book talks about embracing the changes and keep going. CHANGE is an inevitable part of life and no matter how much you dislike it you will be entitled to it over and over again. So, the point is if we are going to encounter something again and again in life why not befriend it? Fearing change only makes it worse. What matters in not how bad the change is, but how are attitude is.

Here co-author of the multi-million best seller ‘One Minute Manager’ Dr. Spenser Johnson has written a very deceptively short story which once read would stay with a person till the last breath. It is a simple yet powerful story which if implemented in real life may turn one’s life around. The compacted version of the story is-The faster you accept change and move on in life, the better. Keep the currents moving, for still water stagnates. And we definitely don’t want our life to stink. Do we?

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2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,100 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 18 trips to carry that many people.

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The Winter Solstice

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As I open my arms in the dark hours of winter solstice

I feel the cold hands of death brushing over my sensitive skin

gripping me tighter and tighter while my emotions freeze

denying me the basic right to fight for life while scorning my spleen.

Turning a blind eye to the paleness of my body

it keeps cuddling my frightened soul.

Laughing on the exactness of my life’s parody

death never ceases to highlight the trademark of its role.

Turning deaf ears to my muffled screams

it keeps tapping on my riven heart

watching me so helpless its appearance gleams

promising to slice every fragment of my frame apart.

After an endless struggle against the dominance of death

I finally seem to let go the fear it had instilled.

And as I am counting my final breath

I see myself at peace and my favorite longing finally fulfilled!


I Wish I could Keep Up!



I wish to sing a thousand songs on its fascinating beauty.

But the artistically carved pieces of rocks

hold my tongue in a bit of frenzy

for I seem to be lost in their hypnotizing beauty, my thoughts entangled in knots.

I wish to write a thousand sonnets on its enormity.

However the magnificence of these towering mountains

dwarfs my words and creative ability.

And a painful feeling of inefficacy is all that remains.

I wish to feel the depths of the oceans

but its fathomless pulchritude seems to drown me

with thoughts so elated but marked with a thousand fears

and I am left with no other option but to deny myself the touch of something I love to see.

I wish to dance to the beats of the wind.

But the fierceness of the wind would not let me perform

for the pace is too fast for my distressed soul.

And I can’t help but deny myself my heart’s desires for they seem too fancy and tiresome.

Swami Vivekananda’s concept of tolerance and India today

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On the occasion of 153rd birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda I would like to raise the topic of “Swami Vivekananda’s concept of tolerance and universal acceptance; and India today.” In the dynamic speech delivered by Swami on 11 September 1893 in The Parliament of World’s religions at Chicago he had announced it with conviction before the crowd of 7000 people that he was proud to belong to a nation which has sheltered the refugees of all religions and nations of the earth. And also that he is proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance. There is a question I would like you to answer- If he were witnessing the recent ongoing in our nation had his words remained the same that they were 153 years ago? We seriously need to  give this issue some attention and try to figure out what was it that led to such an unrest and heightened level of intolerance in our nation in such modest span of time.

Swami had highlighted these words numerous times-“As the different streams having their sources in different paths which men take through different tendencies various though they appear crooked or straight, all lead to Thee.” Throughout his life he prophesied about the oneness of God. “Wasudhaiva Kutumbakam” is what he used to speak in most of his lectures. That all world is but a family and our parent is one and only The Almighty.

Religion is nothing but a matter of perception. Different religions and their followers have different ideologies and perceptions. And our duty is to respect each one of them rather than trying to prove our own religion superior over others. TOLERATING means not completely agreeing to an argument or belief system but simply staying cool with it, obvious to the fact that you do not like it. Differences in the religions have cropped up in our nation over the past century in a tremendously sharp rate. These differences started merely because of a few so called leaders of respective religions and communities who became a bit over possessive and protective regarding their religion. The opinions of these individuals started being accepted blindly and were not even questioned by the followers of their religion as if they had been hypnotized. These OPINIONS which were based on bias and the urgent need to conquer over other religions and trial for winning the “competition” which in reality did not even exist led to more differences and hence the intolerance. People started thinking that only THEIR GOD was right. That only their philosophy was justified. That only they were pure and deserving while all others were sinners for they were following the WRONG GOD. India’s identity was a home for all religions before. But unfortunately the definition has been distorted over time. Recently a lot of discussion has being going on about the rising intolerance in the nation. Starting from the loud mouthed good-for-nothing politicians to famous Bollywood celebrities everyone is giving their views on the growing unrest in the nation. But have we devised any plan to curb its further progress? Have we started doing anything on our level to ensure that we don’t(even unintentionally) become a part of this ugly fight?

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Well I am doing MY part by not taking sides. By caring for all humans equally and not letting the stereotyped beliefs of my ancestors meddle with my personal decisions. By not showing off that I am a Hindu; for even if I were a Christian, Muslim or Jain I don’t see how it would have ever mattered. I am never going to be a part of the public demonstrations and outrages that are these days considered like a holy ritual to prove that you are pure and you wholeheartedly support and respect your religion. Let us stop the tradition of using surnames. Let us stop the unfair privileges given to the creamy layer via the system of quotas. Let us start promoting the highest religion of all-“HUMANITY”. Let us end the fights going on due to religions for the almighty would be ashamed of our irresponsible behavior and crimes we are regularly committing on his name. Let us end this once and for all. Let us live with peace by creating the nation Swami Vivekananda had dreamed of. That would be the least we can do to pay him a tribute on his birthday.