LIEBSTER – My Baby Blog’s Very First Award :)

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People who are used to reading my blog posts on a regular basis must be wondering what kept me from writing in the past month or so. Well my blog is no doubt my first love but then I also have to devote time to the field I am married to, that is Mechanical Engineering. Responsibilities have to be taken care of, while allowing my heart occasional walks in the kingdom that it belongs to but does not get to stay in.  Anyways before I am once again circumvented by my flooding emotions lost in the incessant battle between whether to give priority to my field of study or the activities that keep me  alive (reading and writing things that are not mechanical), I must get down straight to the purpose of this post. While my internal exams were going on, a couple of days back I felt a strange urge to check my indiblogger account. Well it may merely be a coincidence but you guys can not possibly think of how it made me feel when I stumbled upon the indi-mail sent by Miss Jose from “Potpourri of my life” who had nominated me for the Liebster award!

A big thank you to Miss Jose for this honor!

I truly appreciate the way she writes. Apart from being a beautiful person, both inside and out, she is a proficient writer who writes about almost everything- fashion, travel, cooking, health, photography and so on. I request my readers to breeze past her blog and enjoy her valuable write-ups. So here goes the details about this award. Enjoy!

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The questionnaire is what makes this award all the more special, since it allows the budding bloggers to interact and share stuff that ultimately ignites the interest to explore and know more about the people of our kind- the people who value writing.
So here I go with the replies to the questions asked by Miss Jose :

1) What is your aim when writing a blog post?
Ans- Well, I have been writing poetry since the past 5 years. But they have always stayed in my journal, unseen, unheard. This one being the last year before I enter the corporate world I felt that it is high time I started sharing my write-ups with people who genuinely value writing and can help me improvise. So for now my only aim while writing a post is to manifest my thoughts and imaginations in the best way possible so that I attract people to my writings who give me constructive feedback on how to improve my pieces of poetry or simply the way I write the articles. I not only want to share my thoughts through poetry but also want to polish my writing skills. That is what I write for.

2) What are your 3 top must-have items when traveling?
Ans- A good Classic which can be read as many times I feel like, i-pod or phone to listen to music and my journal (well, this I can not live without).

3) If money was not a factor, what would be your dream job?
Ans- Well my dream job is to be a Copywriter at an advertising firm, which I am intending to pursue a couple of years down the line. But if you say that money is not a factor I would like to simply be a poet.

4) What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who has never traveled before?
Ans- The very first time one may feel a little bit uneasy and restless but the key to enjoy a trip is to keep your mind off the small things that bother you during the journey and take in as much beauty and singularity of the place as you can. And of course, travel light. This is a piece of advice I think all Indians should seriously consider. Especially the mothers.

5) If you could do anything to make this world a bit better, what would it be?
Ans- Helping women tied in the chains of backwardness in the name of culture and traditions break free and pursue dreams of their own. Also,I would publish my journals so that the aspiring students of Mechanical Engineering, especially the girls, learn from the regular motivation and pep-talk I kept giving myself in these four long years of B.Tech and prepare themselves beforehand for the challenging life they are yet to encounter. Being in a class of remarkably contrasting ratio of girls to guys, you have to teach yourself a million things in order to survive. And this applies to women in general, not just in India but worldwide. You have to fight for your rights, you have to keep yourself calm and composed in all situations, you have to take stands, be fearless and compete to the best of your abilities so that no one tells you that you are not capable of something just because you are a girl.

6) Who / What inspires you ?
Ans- My elder sister Sudha Sashwati Sahoo. She has been inspiring me ever since I came to this world. She has been more than a sister to me. A responsible guardian, teacher, motivator, friend and of course a successful person both in her personal as well as professional life. I love her for what she is. I love her for what she has made me.

7) When did you catch the travel bug?
Ans- Well I guess I can not do justice to this question yet. I am still a student and since both my parents are working I never got to travel long distances. Have never been outside the country. But have seen most of the parts of India. These were the trips we took during the summer vacations. Haven’t caught the travel bug yet.

8) Are you city, country or a suburb type of person?
Ans- City it is. Even though people keep advocating the necessity to be in touch with nature which becomes impossible in city life there is also an essence that one would not find elsewhere but the cities. City life is fast and fierce and that is what I live for. I live for the high, the rush. People don’t sleep in the cities. They are always engaged in something and that is what life is meant for. To do, to live.

9) Do you collect anything? If so, what?
Ans- I collect different types of pens. Frankly speaking, I don’t seek pleasure by collecting these. I’m not even genuinely interested. I don’t even remember when I started throwing them in the carton.

10) Whats the most difficult about blogging for you?
Ans- Blogging is not just about writing stuff but it also requires socializing and thinking from the perspective of the reader, which I don’t do much. But I’m pretty much sure that I’ll overcome this with time. I’ve already joined the Indian family of bloggers and I guess it would not take me long to get familiar with the amazing people and their blogs. The journey has just begun.

My Nominees are :-
1) Mukulika –
2) Nandini –
3) Arpita Dash –
4) Rose Perez –
5) Rakesh Pandey –
6) Shravanthi Kripa –
7) Cinderella –
8) Suryateja –
9) Ninu Nair –
10) Satya –

There are five basic rules:
1)Thank the nominator
2)Display the award
3)Nominate 10 more bloggers with 10 new questions
4)Answer the questions provided by the nominator
5)Notify the nominees

And here are the questions for my nominees. Hope we get to know each other better after we complete the process 🙂

Q1) What is your favorite book and why?
Q2) What are your hobbies?
Q3) What is your current profession and what is your dream profession?
Q4) The happiest moment of your life.
Q5) Define success.
Q6) If you were granted three magical wishes what would they be?
Q7) If you were given a team to work with you on your book and were offered every possible help, what would you write about? Title of the book would be?
Q8) What kind of a person you think you are? (Introvert/extrovert/ambivert/anything else)?
Q9) What according to you is ‘love’? Try and define it.
Q10) What is your favorite thing in life? It may be an activity, person, place or just anything.

Eagerly waiting for your posts!

Lots of love,

Bienvenido 🙂


About SK Rajeshwari

I am an incurable bibliophile, dreamer, writer, poet and connoisseur of all things beautiful. This blog 'My Cosmos' is my first love and nothing pleases me more than constructive feedback for my write-ups. My second love is books. I am an insatiable and roly-poly bookworm. Books teach me how to explore the world inside me and the ones that are outcomes of someone else's unadulterated imagination. What beautifies my existence is the endless walk I enjoy putting on those shoes of imagination. Step into my world, feel my poems and allow your wandering soul to be hypnotized by the fragrance of the captivating manifestations of my dreams, experiences and imagination. Allow this feeling to creep into your being and let your nerves speak the language of beauty and artistry. Bienvenido :)

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  1. Thank you so much Rajeshwari. Pleasure being nominated. Your usage of words is so intriguing. Since I’m in hurry, I’m not able to answer all your questions. Anyway, I’ve subscribed to your blog. Hope to read interesting poems and posts. Cheers!!!

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