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Three sheets to the wind!

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Wasted though they might be called
but the taste of bliss only they have known.
Paralytic they may seem
but to the heights of paradise only they have flown.

While their heart is flooded with euphoria
and a freezing chill runs down their nerves,
experiencing a thousand explosions deep within,
spinning like a feather in an electrifying storm.

Beyond time and space their soul soars higher
fogging up their cognition,
clouding their vision with dreams,
tingling their souls with thrill and elation.

Drowning their sorrows,
they put quart into pint pots
soaking their lips and memories in cocktails,
tasting fireworks on the rocks.

Addict they are,
not for booze but for euphoria.
It is liquid courage that helps them
turn water into wine even under amnesia.

Wall-eyed they seem,
for thoughts and memories racing at breakneck speed
blind their vision with the flying images
but they continue drinking from the heaven’s brink.

“Name your poison” the bartender keeps asking
and they go on drinking like a fish,
screaming  “down the hatch”!
and no matter what, they live their life as they wish.


The Race

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The race for life,

The race against death,

The race with time to dodge the quirks of fate.

The race whose finish line neither the creator nor the spectators

but I am the only person who has the freedom to determine.

With my tenacity and endeavors I keep fueling my valor,

Bathed in tears and sweat I stupefy the audience with the intensity with which I shine.

I neither look back nor tremble at the remaining length of the track

for the qualm may destroy my ardor and craving to reach the mark.

In the heat of the moment I run as fast as I can

for what fogs my mind is the rewarding feeling of accomplishment that would never wan.