Entertainment…drugs for a stress-free life!

picture credits- realitybiznews.com

picture credits- realitybiznews.com

In today’s frantic world entertainment is sine qua non for leading a stress-free and serene life. In the world of cut-throat competition people have become very specific about their choices. Choices that can save their precious seconds. Choices that are efficient, flexible and come in handy anywhere, anytime they demand. One such smart choice for the smart people in today’s world is Tata Sky+Transfer which has come up with features that are exactly the need of the hour. It is undeniably going to change our ways of de-stressing through entertainment by making it easy to carry anywhere and everywhere we go.

Since people these days are very much used to living the high rhythm lifestyle one cannot ignore the urgency and inevitability of de-stressing. Be it in the form of yoga and meditation, working out, gardening, hanging out with friends, taking up adventures, watching current news, sports, movies or TV shows or simply cuddling on your bed with piles of pillows and blankets and treating yourself with a good English Classic. No doubt there are numerous ways of relaxing and relieving one’s stress but the most popular and consistent stress busters for all age groups is entertainment. And now we have a news exclusively for the TV serial and movie lovers who crave to get their jobs done as soon as possible so that they would not have to miss their favorites on TV. Believe it or not now you can have TV in your smart-phones, that too without internet.

Yes, it is no more a hazy dream but has become a reality. Carrying our favorite TV shows, movies, Tennis, Football or Cricket matches in our phones and watching them whenever we choose is definitely going to impact mostly the youth of our society, giving us the freedom to choose the content and time that suits our schedules. With the launch of Tata Sky+ transfer transferring the recorded television content from the set top box to smartphones has become possible, giving the subscribers the freedom to store the content they wish to watch later at their time of convenience. It is a godsend gadget for the modern day people who don’t want to miss out on anything despite having enough fish to fry. People often miss out live shows, their favorite movies and TV shows because they cannot keep their eyes fixed to their LCDs at homes, doing nothing. But now they do have an option.


Well aware of the zillion ways in which a smart phone makes a smart person’s life easier the researchers are working on ways to agglomerate all the basic necessities of one’s life into one’s phone. Examples are widely known to us, namely e-banking, e-shopping, e-books and umpteen apps that aim on making life easier by making it possible for us to access things irrespective of time and location. Tata Sky+ transfers entertainment of our choice to our inseparable companions, our smart-phones.  And most importantly all this does not require broadband data connection. It comes with a Wi-Fi dongle that enables consumers to enjoy recorded content on smartphones and tablets without consuming Internet data. All we have to do is download the Tata Sky app in whichever device we want to transfer the content to be watched later. To top it off, the subscribers can give a command to record the program of their choice by being anyplace outside their homes, through their smartphone, which the Set Top Box at home will execute. After being recorded, it can be viewed on the Set Top Box or transferred to be watched elsewhere.

For workaholics who work for shifts together and do not have time to go home, sit idle or even sleep for days together this gadget is definitely going to help. It has been launched keeping in mind the crying need of the working population. It is a first of its kind in our nation and no doubt people are going to love it. Kudos to the smart folk for coming up with an innovation like this. Just have a look at this video and tell me that you’re not impressed.



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