The Mother!

picture credits-

picture credits-

She is the queen of the tempests.
For she may be ruthlessly struck by the thunder bolts,
Slapped mercilessly by the freezing wind,
And yet she sails with perfection,
Her head held high with pride
Irrespective of her broken deck, falling masts and withered sails.
She has the magnificence of the mighty mountains
Unmoved by the ceaseless rain,
Scorching heat
And freezing snow.
Fragile they may call her
But it is futile to question her strength
For she has fought countless battles on her own.
She is the epitome of unconditional love
Giving every bit in her possession
Yet expecting nothing in return
Except the safety, happiness and goodwill of her blood.
She may be breaking down from within
But would never show,
For she lives not for herself
But to watch her little angels grow.
She selflessly toils in the field of her child’s life,
Watering them to life,
With her sweat and blood,
And calls her existence worthwhile
Only when the harvest is the person of her dreams she brought up.
She stands on the apex of mankind
Created with utmost care and precision
By the sovereign hands of God.
The unmatched creation,
The other name for beauty, strength and splendor
‘The Mother’!


About SK Rajeshwari

I am an incurable bibliophile, dreamer, writer, poet and connoisseur of all things beautiful. This blog 'My Cosmos' is my first love and nothing pleases me more than constructive feedback for my write-ups. My second love is books. I am an insatiable and roly-poly bookworm. Books teach me how to explore the world inside me and the ones that are outcomes of someone else's unadulterated imagination. What beautifies my existence is the endless walk I enjoy putting on those shoes of imagination. Step into my world, feel my poems and allow your wandering soul to be hypnotized by the fragrance of the captivating manifestations of my dreams, experiences and imagination. Allow this feeling to creep into your being and let your nerves speak the language of beauty and artistry. Bienvenido :)

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  1. It’s never wrong to think that we all have been blessed with such a mother.Thank you writer,For such a beautiful and soul pleasing thought.Never have I thought of all the sacrifices she made just to see me happy,All the problems she faced so that I would be protected.That too without any demands and any complaints.As it’s said “God could not be everywhere at once, so he gave each child a mother.”She is truly an epitome of true love.


  2. Beautiful poem…. 🙂


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