AIRTEL 4G NETWORK…For those who crave speed!

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Needless to mention the power that internet has to transform lives, every single person among us craves for a network that meets our demands for speed, quality, flexibility and reliability. I am glad that finally I can rest my quest for such a network, now that Airtel 4G has arrived. In today’s scenario where breakneck speed is a necessity to match up with our daily requirements, there is no compromising with the access to a flawless network. As a student pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering my academic competence has much to do with regular updates of information regarding the recent trends and technologies being introduced in the field of mechanical engineering. We are assigned projects to work on, journals to read, seminars to deliver and so on.For excelling in each of the activities we indulge in, access to a super-fast network without any impediment becomes relevant. Waiting not only becomes frustrating but is out of the options now. Every second of our time is paramount. A small effort which may however seem insignificant may literally turn out a million dollar achievement.There is a revolution going on in the field of education.Learning has achieved dimensions no one had ever imagined before. With the introduction of e-learning the students are feeding their curiosity well. Internet is no doubt the urgent need of the students who see no limits. Most of us want to be proficient not just in our field of study but in as many spheres as we can. Versatility and genius together define the success of a student these days. Speaking from my personal perspective computer aided Mechanical Engineering is something every student must excel in order to be called a proficient engineer. This is because the manufacturing industry has witnessed a tremendous modernization in technology and is now preferring Computer Aided Designing and Computer Aided Machining for better productivity and efficiency.Automation (CAD/CAM) involves all the processes of conceptualizing, designing, analyzing, prototyping and actual manufacturing with the assistance of computers. There are numerous CAD/CAM software that we need to learn and use. PTC Creo for 3D modelling and manufacturing simulation, Autocad, CATIA, Solidworks, Solid Edge Drafting, and ANSYS for Finite Element Analysis. Doing courses at training centers is restricting and time taking. In such situations internet comes to rescue. There are umpteen websites that provide distant learning for such technical courses. There is flexibility of learning as many courses as u wish in a limited period of time. The learning aided by video lectures makes the process nonetheless more interesting and nonpareil. Learning becomes fun and even makes you a tech-addict if you have the access to a network that provides no hindrance in your journey of adding knowledge and experience in accordance with your keenness and zeal to excel. So break the chains and say a straight NO to anything that holds you back, most importantly the network that does not provide you the service you deserve. It is high time we start exploiting the best that we can access and change our lives altogether.


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  1. Our culture continues moving towards becoming a completely online society.It’s no surprise in this environment that your Net speed matters.In this world Now,time is money.Can’t expect to sit patiently waiting hours to browse for simple things.Other than studies,Young Entrepreneurs require high speed Net.Running a home-based business for example. With the variety of cloud-based services available to small and medium businesses, not having enough bandwidth puts a start-up at a disadvantage compared with other businesses enjoying robust Internet services. Trying to do online banking and e-commerce from a dial-up service isn’t the way to make your business successful.
    A Fast Net Connection Is a Requirement in Today’s World.It definitely is going to help in the growth of young India..😊


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