Chirping like sprightly young birds, excitement forever lingering around

Limitless hope and elation reflecting in our sparkling eyes,

Testing the limits of our promising wings we flew far and wide,

Until bliss we had finally found.

Over stretched wilderness we flew

Over mighty mountains we soared

Scaling heights that we not before knew

Had so many golden memories to offer.

We had everything that two birds could dream of.

Freedom, wings and each other.

I considered myself the luckiest bird that was ever born

However little had I known that those halcyon days were not to last forever.

One unfortunate sunny day

As we were gliding over the brook,

Appreciating our reflections on the sapphire blue water

Unaware that you were aimed upon by the hunter ready to shoot.

Haunting memories of your broken wings and screams to my present reconnaissance claims

Despite what your lingering dead spirit says

While I drop a tear on your somber remains

I bid farewell to the memories of those halcyon days.


About SK Rajeshwari

I am an incurable bibliophile, dreamer, writer, poet and connoisseur of all things beautiful. This blog 'My Cosmos' is my first love and nothing pleases me more than constructive feedback for my write-ups. My second love is books. I am an insatiable and roly-poly bookworm. Books teach me how to explore the world inside me and the ones that are outcomes of someone else's unadulterated imagination. What beautifies my existence is the endless walk I enjoy putting on those shoes of imagination. Step into my world, feel my poems and allow your wandering soul to be hypnotized by the fragrance of the captivating manifestations of my dreams, experiences and imagination. Allow this feeling to creep into your being and let your nerves speak the language of beauty and artistry. Bienvenido :)

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