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AIRTEL 4G NETWORK…For those who crave speed!

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Needless to mention the power that internet has to transform lives, every single person among us craves for a network that meets our demands for speed, quality, flexibility and reliability. I am glad that finally I can rest my quest for such a network, now that Airtel 4G has arrived. In today’s scenario where breakneck speed is a necessity to match up with our daily requirements, there is no compromising with the access to a flawless network. As a student pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering my academic competence has much to do with regular updates of information regarding the recent trends and technologies being introduced in the field of mechanical engineering. We are assigned projects to work on, journals to read, seminars to deliver and so on.For excelling in each of the activities we indulge in, access to a super-fast network without any impediment becomes relevant. Waiting not only becomes frustrating but is out of the options now. Every second of our time is paramount. A small effort which may however seem insignificant may literally turn out a million dollar achievement.There is a revolution going on in the field of education.Learning has achieved dimensions no one had ever imagined before. With the introduction of e-learning the students are feeding their curiosity well. Internet is no doubt the urgent need of the students who see no limits. Most of us want to be proficient not just in our field of study but in as many spheres as we can. Versatility and genius together define the success of a student these days. Speaking from my personal perspective computer aided Mechanical Engineering is something every student must excel in order to be called a proficient engineer. This is because the manufacturing industry has witnessed a tremendous modernization in technology and is now preferring Computer Aided Designing and Computer Aided Machining for better productivity and efficiency.Automation (CAD/CAM) involves all the processes of conceptualizing, designing, analyzing, prototyping and actual manufacturing with the assistance of computers. There are numerous CAD/CAM software that we need to learn and use. PTC Creo for 3D modelling and manufacturing simulation, Autocad, CATIA, Solidworks, Solid Edge Drafting, and ANSYS for Finite Element Analysis. Doing courses at training centers is restricting and time taking. In such situations internet comes to rescue. There are umpteen websites that provide distant learning for such technical courses. There is flexibility of learning as many courses as u wish in a limited period of time. The learning aided by video lectures makes the process nonetheless more interesting and nonpareil. Learning becomes fun and even makes you a tech-addict if you have the access to a network that provides no hindrance in your journey of adding knowledge and experience in accordance with your keenness and zeal to excel. So break the chains and say a straight NO to anything that holds you back, most importantly the network that does not provide you the service you deserve. It is high time we start exploiting the best that we can access and change our lives altogether.



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Juggling through the memories of my childhood I feel strikingly high and am tickled pink. Having the flashbacks of those priceless moments when life was nothing but fun leaves me with the unrealistic longing of reliving those joyful moments at least once before fate decides to permanently close the book of my life. Having spent a good deal of my time recollecting the precious memories of my childhood and laughing to myself ,now I decide to put on display a few pages of the book of my life so that I can share my overwhelming emotions attached to my childhood with you folks.
Well, there is no memory of my childhood that does not have my sister in it.Having the modest age gap of just two years, I always saw in her my best buddy rather than my elder sibling. And I’m glad to say that my childhood memories revolve around a person who is nothing but an epitome of perfection in all senses. I would not give my parents the credit, rather her, for giving me a childhood every child dreams of. Those good old days were filled with all sorts of activities, challenges, learning, and endless ventures. The earliest of the memories I have is of constructing and deconstructing building blocks. We had two huge knapsacks of those building block parts.And me and my sister used to drag them together to the garden and used to spend hours creating all sorts of castles, barracks, houses etc and made a fortress which we showed off to our friends. The best part was listening to my sister’s make-believe stories and then playing out the characters with the whole gang of our friends.Our gang was simply perfect.We all shared the same taste and none of us ever got tired of our everyday ventures. Unlike other girls our age we used to have make-believe terrorist attacks, natural hazards, coups etc. We used to act like warriors at times, doctors, scientists, even aliens. This lasted until my sis finished her primary education. Now that her English literature book provided us with ready-made stories,we had a ceaseless access to interesting and even a bit matured role plays from the books.The nerd that she was, she exploited our school library like anything. And thanks to her that even I started reading those amazing books which made our childhood exceptionally fascinating. I started with Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree. Then followed Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Harry Potter, and of course there was always an abundance of Chandamama, Nanhe Samrat, Champak, Tinkle, Tell Me Why, Reader’s Digest, Wisdom and all those ninja and superheroes comics. As we grew up these books were replaced by Classics which gave us pleasure that we were yet to discover. So our indoor activities basically composed of reading all sorts of books and magazines and discussing them. However our outdoor fun was nonetheless exciting as it always was. Our gang was admirable. I will never forget the role plays we had in the garden. It was the best of our outdoor activities when we were in primary school. The make-believe plays tested our acting skills, memorizing dialogues, creativity and cooperation.With no fear of what was about to come next we lived in the moment and enjoyed ourselves. Painting classes were the one that me and my sister took together. However, since I was more inclined towards classical dance and my sister towards music she was enrolled for piano classes and I for the Odissi dance class. We used to practice a lot and it undoubtedly gave us utmost pleasure. It was merely an activity I indulged in simply because I liked my teacher and was awe inspired by her never-ending appraisals however the fact that I am a trained dancer now fills me with both surprise and exuberance. Our curiosity for learning new things every single day filled each day with illimitable thrill and recreation. We used to make our science and art exhibition projects all by ourselves. Having working parents brings a bit of emptiness and heartache at times but it’s now that I realize that it is because of the unavailability of their presence that made us audacious and self dependent. The love for books that was sparkled in me in those juvenile days has now become a serious affair. When I look back I see a happy kid sitting with her sister surrounded by piles of books, giggling and serenity reflecting from her face. As I moved to secondary school and my paradisaical childhood was nearing its end I created a few memories that suit very well to the closing chapters of my childhood life. I learned cycling and everyday me and my new friends would go on exploring for hours together, laughing, cracking jokes, racing each other. I started to feel the rush. Be it the thrill of speeding past the road with a gang of friends during a heavy downpour, or chilling out in the chilling winter evenings, or trekking in the summers. I felt like I was witnessing a world I never knew I was even a part of. I was experiencing a new life altogether.I wanted to capture these priceless memories and hence I started writing…As time passed by I learned that writing is an activity that involves deep thinking, creativity, constant self-reflection, and literally makes you free. It brings you the freedom of mind and spirit.My childhood taught me that the best of the activities that can give you endless amusement are reading and writing.They were a source of exquisite pleasure then and I am sure that they will continue to impart the same for all the years to come.This was my childhood. Sweet and enchanting!




Friendship is a relation that transcends humanity. It is undoubtedly the best of the human experiences that life provides. It is human nature to seek out, express our emotions, crave for care and concern. Being an introvert during my schooling I failed to associate with people and ended up with a friends circle of a modest radius. As my college life started, I had to move out from the safe confines of my home and got introduced to my first hostel life experience. To say that I was stupefied with the surprises that came pouring in at a breakneck speed would be an understatement. I had never before experienced such extreme emotions. In due course of time I got used to the bitterness, fury, peevishness, and all sorts of negative feelings. But then life started pouring in angels I did not know existed. They gave me endless reasons to laugh and taught me to enjoy life no matter what. I feel fortunate that life gave me the chance to be associated with such amazing people. Now that I know the value of true friendship I have decided to free myself from my shell. This friendship day on wards I would never call myself an introvert for my incredible friends have made me fall in love with the world. I feel grateful for their priceless contributions in adding such vibrant colors to my life. I take this opportunity to thank all my friends. I thank you for your ceaseless concern for my happiness. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY 🙂



Free me from the spell that binds me,

restricting me from enlightening my soul with knowledge and wisdom

for my soul craves to learn.

Free me from the chains that restrict me from exploring the world

for my eyes pine to devour the beauty of nature

created by the sovereign hands.

Free me from the razor-sharp handcuffs digging austerely into my flesh

restraining the graceful movements of my arms

keeping them from reshaping the world.

Free me from the sacred laws that claim to keep me dignified

but themselves keep corrupting me from within

killing me mysteriously like slow poison.

Free me, free me, free me

I beg of you,

my demons,



Chirping like sprightly young birds, excitement forever lingering around

Limitless hope and elation reflecting in our sparkling eyes,

Testing the limits of our promising wings we flew far and wide,

Until bliss we had finally found.

Over stretched wilderness we flew

Over mighty mountains we soared

Scaling heights that we not before knew

Had so many golden memories to offer.

We had everything that two birds could dream of.

Freedom, wings and each other.

I considered myself the luckiest bird that was ever born

However little had I known that those halcyon days were not to last forever.

One unfortunate sunny day

As we were gliding over the brook,

Appreciating our reflections on the sapphire blue water

Unaware that you were aimed upon by the hunter ready to shoot.

Haunting memories of your broken wings and screams to my present reconnaissance claims

Despite what your lingering dead spirit says

While I drop a tear on your somber remains

I bid farewell to the memories of those halcyon days.