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So serenely quiet and tranquil it was
That no one could sense her noxious presence
In those sedate halcyon days.
However she was right in their midst
Flaming her anger,
Provoking her tormented soul to reminisce
about all the ordeal she had undergone.
Despite aching from within
And dying a thousand deaths each day
She kept on living,
Nursing her concealed wrath.
For one day,
When she would decide to burst
The world would witness a tempest
Causing unparalleled havoc.
The fire concealed inside had been burning her from within,
Wiping out even the smallest traces of
Human affections and condolence.
She had been crying for so long
She couldn’t make her eyes look out for what was on her way
For they were shielded by misty clouds of teardrops.
The deafening screeching and wailing of her soul
Kept on ringing in her ears so loud
She couldn’t melt the heart melting pleas
Of those she was about to kill.
Devoid of forgiveness or forbearance
Her eyes sparkled with cold blooded thirst
For making those suffer
Who had underestimated her command.
With no intensions of granting clemency
Or reducing the intensity of the holocaust
She resolved to embark on her devastation.
Accompanied by ear-splitting thunders,
Bolts of lightning shoving through the cracks
Like violent spears targeted to demolish the mankind,
Enshrouding the earth with ominous clouds
Roared the venomous tempest,
Like a thousand wounded tigresses.
She was cheated, deluded, hoaxed by the world.
The world made her grieve.
It was now her turn to pay back!


Demise of the Silhouette

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Overcome by the thousand tumultuous feelings
she finally decides to abandon the memories
that clung to her like a fathomless shade.
That, which seemed an inseparable companion
had atrocious intentions of drowning her
in the bottomless sea of gloom.

Promising herself never again to be caught
in the enigma of belief
she decides to embark upon an inspiring voyage
to rekindle her spirit.

Sitting by the lake she shifts her gaze
from the crestfallen face of the silhouette
And lets her eyes scrutinize the radiant patterns
that the clouds had painted
on the canvas of the outstretched horizon
with glints of modest colors here and there
adding to its splendor.

As she continues to take pleasure in treating her eyes
she feels as if at this point,
even her life has its gleams of sunshine.

She feels bliss take over her.
She smiles as the cool breeze plays
with the strands of hair,
splashing playfully over her serene face.

She decides to let the drops of ink
fall over her elated thougts
so that she may treasure these buoyant moments.

And hence she writes,
about that evening
before the remarkable event
passed on to the heap of bygone things.

As she drank from the brink of heaven
the lost euphoria,
her thoughts raced back to all the times
the sheet of the fathomless shade
had denied her the least of exuberance
blanketing her from the healing touch of nature.

Attempting to convey the intangibilities of her feelings
in coarse meshes of language
she finally turns her face towards the silhouette
with a glint of hysterical emotion,
yet pity in her eyes,
trying to make the heartless shade feel ashamed
for making her life miserable,
giving her thoughts no tongue,
her dreams no wings,
her heart no desire.

Scanning the silhouette of her past memories
with disappointment and queer contempt
she declares- “I am no longer living my life
tormented by fears,
deceived by hopes,
endearing your relentless torture.”

And with this she ruthlessly assassinates her companion,
shivering, trembling; yet feeling overwhelmed
and powerful all the same,
as the sinking frame of the silhouette casts a last glance
before disappearing into the depths of the lake.

Go Paint Your Life!


Each day life presents to us an unfathomable canvas spread all around us with the freedom to pick the colors of our choice and paint our wildest imaginations without the smallest of apprehension… The more creative we are in choosing the right shades, the more successful we become in the quest of happiness…it all depends upon that ‘ONE’ decision.

The right choice of colors can make your painting a masterpiece. However even the slightest of mistakes can bring to you unwelcome and ugly remarks from the viewers.

Choose your colors wisely, be creative, be thoughtful, take risks and every morning challenge yourself to create a better masterpiece than ever before 🙂

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Go…paint your life!

The Beginning

Staring into the pitch black sky, she painted heaven so beautiful in her imagination, even her broken soul mustered the audacity to look through her sanguine eyes, feeling buoyant, starting to dream of a life where there is no hatred, no rancor, no aching, no darkness.

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This was merely a venture to gather her pieces, yet her naive soul still awaits to experience that fanciful life.

Call it the blindness of her soul or blissful ignorance, all that matters is she has once again started to hope…

She has started to live!

The Damsel’s Story

As a raspy honey-smooth voice gushed along the chilled breeze it whispered in my ears…

“The story of the damsel must be penned down”.

So here I am taking pleasure in rearranging the series of events, choosing the right words to express, smiling upon the buoyant memories, reflecting upon my flickering moods, the priceless experiences, the lessons, the impulsive decisions, the mistakes, the opportunities, the achievements, the tumultuous feelings, the discomfort, the recollection of the strange antics I had indulged in… and so on! I hope I will be able to do justice to the story of my life as I pen it down here 🙂